Are antiques due for a revival?

Antiques – that is to say furniture and objects over 100 years old – are a little off the radar of many home decorators at the moment. Here are some reasons why you might not have considered them:- You associate them with your grandparents or great-grandparents Yes, but they probably favoured Queen Anne or Victorian…

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What are the best antiques for today?

Photograph of Wolston Farmhouse Sitting Room

There is no better way in my opinion to add some flair to your home than to add a few selectively chosen antiques or vintage pieces. If you are hunting around antique shops, which are the pieces you should be on the lookout for and which pieces should you avoid even if they look temptingly…

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What is Georgian style?

The description “Georgian” is applied extremely loosely at times. But what is Georgian style? Here are two ways I have seen the term commonly used: – anything European (usually English) that dates from the 18th or early 19th Century or – pretty much anything in a classical revival style. Let’s unpack the term and it…

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