Bringing together history, tradition, and your personal story into your interiors project.

Celebrate and elevate your space with Coralie Stow Design.

Why Coralie Stow Design …

You’ve got ideas around how you’d like your space to look and feel.

You’re inspired by your travel, your collections, and by history. Like many people, you’re stuck on the process of bringing your influences together in an original and intentional way — aesthetically, functionally, and emotionally — to perfectly express your personal story.

At Coralie Stow Design, every exquisite detail is created purposefully and thoughtfully from concept to completion, taking the guesswork out of your interiors project.

Interior designer and principal Coralie Stow is dedicated to building rapport with you to deliver on your brief, while facilitating a seamless interior design experience by really listening.


Suite of services

Coralie Stow Design offers a suite of interior design services for residential renovations and new development, bringing together superb attention to detail with a curiosity to create custom spaces that engage the senses when you step inside.

Here’s what Coralie Stow Design can do for you:


Interior design
(Residential + Development)

At Coralie Stow Design, you’ll benefit from the technical knowledge and discerning eye of an interior design professional who’ll translate your vision into a scheme that tells your story in a functional and beautiful way. From spatial planning, colour and finish selections to soft furnishings and collectables — every decision is well-considered.

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Art management

Art brings life and interest to interiors. If you’re an art collector or art buff, you’ll appreciate the way it can unite a space through layer, texture and colour — and set the tone in any room. Coralie Stow Design can help you with expert advice on display, cataloguing , and collecting with a highly-specialised art management service.


Purchasing advice

There are a lot of moving parts in an interiors project — and it’s not all colour and fun. Choosing your fittings, fixtures and finishes, for example, can be truly overwhelming. With professional purchasing advice, you’ll feel confident you’re making the right long-term investment, while saving yourself time and money in the process.


Project management

Your interiors project may involve multiple consultants, including an architect, builder or draftsperson, plus subcontractors. With a commitment to your budget, timeframes and the utmost quality, Coralie Stow Design can oversee the project management for you, giving you the confidence it’ll be delivered exactly the way you wish.


Sourcing furnishings,
art and antiques

A statement piece can elevate your interiors project and create a focal point in your design scheme. The good news is, you can engage the services of Coralie Stow Design to source incredible furnishings, art and antiques for your space. If an element can't be sourced, Coralie Stow will personally commission or design a custom item for you.


Interior styling

In addition to these interior design services, Coralie Stow Design provides interior styling and decoration expertise for residential and new-build projects. Interior styling refers to the finishing touches in an already structurally complete space, artfully arranged for cohesiveness, impact, and overall aesthetic appeal.

How it works

What's the process?

The process will differ between projects. Please see an indicative guide, below:

The process specific to your project will be provided to you in more detail.

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