How do I decide and sign off on a design scheme?

Making final decisions and signing off on designs can be difficult. When you have a designer keen to move forward, but you think there are a multiplicity of choices still to be researched and evaluated, how do you draw a line in the sand and say yes?

Here are the questions I would be asking:

Does the solution overall match the transformation you are trying to achieve?

If you said to your designer you wanted something ‘family friendly’ they are naturally going to present you with practical options that aren’t likely to break or stain easily. So, if you are resisting those options because you think they are too ‘average’, you need to go back to your original brief and review their proposals in that light.

Note: It’s really essential to work on the brief before you do anything. If things are really going off the rails, stop and consider. Did you give your designer the wrong brief to begin with? Or did they completely misunderstand you?

Are you fixating on the details?

Be honest – is there a serious objection or are you nit-picking? You are paying your designer to edit and select for you, and they are juggling the whole scheme, your budget, timelines etc. If you are really unsure, ask your designer why they have made this recommendation. Air your doubts and let them reassure you.

Are you asking everyone’s opinion?

If you go out to your contact circle and ask what they think, you are going to get lots of opinions back and not all will be positive. This can derail your decision making so don’t do it! Only if you have a serious doubt should you run it past someone you trust for advice. Otherwise, take ownership of the decision process.

Can you and your partner agree to disagree?

You need to decide when you start on the project who will make the decisions. If jointly, then you need to be honest about whether you have the same taste. If you don’t, work on a solution which will enable you to move forward before you go back to your designer. Your designer cannot act as a mediator!

Do you need more information?

Generally you will be asked to decide on the basis of a photo, sketch or sample. A model or a bigger mock up could make a difference. Be prepared to be charged extra if this was not in the original proposal, but it could be helpful in the case of big ticket items.

Final thoughts

It might also help your decision-making if you switch off from the social media and websites you referenced to build your original design brief. Continually exposing yourself to options at this point will only make things harder.

If you are ready to start on your home transformation, please do get in touch so we can see if I can be of help to you!

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