Creating a beautiful home takes time

Beautiful homes that have lasting value often grow out of blending the old and new. I love to see family heirlooms and found treasures mixed with modern pieces. Harmony is created through relating colours, shapes and proportions in the home, rather than matching everything perfectly from a catalogue or a style guide. Pieces that are you unique to you – even eccentric – add personality and ensure your home delights you and your guests.

A home that reflects you

Visiting a showroom and selecting a ‘look’ will give instantaneous results, and possibly a certain wow factor, but it won’t say much about you personally and it will probably date quite quickly.

More important than creating a home that just looks beautiful in photographs, are a filling the spaces with pieces that help you to live and enjoy them. Dining chairs shouldn’t make you feel like you can’t wait for the meal to end! You shouldn’t live in fear of dropping something on the floor. That corner of your house that has great light in the morning can be furnished so you can enjoy your coffee (or tea) there. That is not to neglect the visual aspect to your home, it’s just to say that the home has to ‘work’ as well as be beautiful.

Choose quality

Consider quality craftsmanship as a touchstone for everything you purchase – it will pay off in the long run. Antiques often represent good value in this regard. The trend for upcycling and recycling is a response to the cheap, throwaway nature of much of what is on offer today. In the future this blog is going explore some of my favourite elements that go in to creating beautiful homes that have distinction and lasting character.

Collecting and display

Lastly, do not neglect what is hanging on your walls. The way you hang and present your art can make a huge difference to how it is perceived and enjoyed. If you don’t own any art, starting a collection is not as hard (or as expensive) as it sounds. Mirrors, family photographs and sports memorabilia can also benefit from thoughtful presentation. The key is to apply some principles to harmonise them, and discretion in where you place them.

I hope this has set you thinking, and I look forward to sharing more ideas and tips in the coming weeks,

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