The Art of Dining

A simple, elegant table setting.

Dining together is an under-rated activity today. Sitting around a beautifully set dining table, sharing a meal together should be a regular activity but sadly it seems to have almost vanished from our lives. This is not to say that every day can be a fine dining day, but here are some suggestions as to…

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How to transform your home with art

Repulse Bay House, Hong Kong

Many designer homes, while stunningly decorated and renovated, seem to lack personality. A collection of art, lovingly curated and displayed, can really transform your home in to a place that really tells your story. Art creates a two-way dialogue between the artwork – which has its own point of view – and its surroundings in…

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What is an ‘Unfitted Kitchen’?

Have you heard the term ‘unfitted kitchen’? It seems to be relatively unknown in Australia where built- in cabinetry and continuous bench tops reign supreme in kitchen design. But I think they are just right for Queensland homes and I’ll explain why here. Inspiration from the past Firstly, what is an ‘unfitted kitchen’? Basically it…

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How do I decide and sign off on a design scheme?

Making final decisions and signing off on designs can be difficult. When you have a designer keen to move forward, but you think there are a multiplicity of choices still to be researched and evaluated, how do you draw a line in the sand and say yes? Here are the questions I would be asking:…

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Are antiques due for a revival?

Antiques – that is to say furniture and objects over 100 years old – are a little off the radar of many home decorators at the moment. Here are some reasons why you might not have considered them:- You associate them with your grandparents or great-grandparents Yes, but they probably favoured Queen Anne or Victorian…

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What are the best antiques for today?

Photograph of Wolston Farmhouse Sitting Room

There is no better way in my opinion to add some flair to your home than to add a few selectively chosen antiques or vintage pieces. If you are hunting around antique shops, which are the pieces you should be on the lookout for and which pieces should you avoid even if they look temptingly…

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How to use the 60/30/10 rule in decorating

Victorian Terrace House, East Melbourne

Would you like to be more adventurous with colour in your home but you aren’t sure how to start? One tried and tested approach is the ‘three colour rule” also called the 60-30-10 rule after the approximate percentages of each colour. In this scheme, one base colour dominates – let’s call it your hero colour.…

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How to trend-proof your home

Arco Led Floor Lamp

Just like the fashion industry, the interiors industry packages styles and trends for the home which inevitably start to look dated after a few years. If you want to cultivate a more distinctive style that might even see you through multiple homes, here are some suggestions to guide you: Modern Classics Certain designs become classics…

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How to choose a white paint colour

The problem that I hear about the most from home decorators is “I never knew there were so many whites available”. If you want to go with an all-white paint scheme, the choice of white becomes crucial. It is not so easy to choose between the subtle differences in white tones, but here are some…

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