Blue and White – a classic combination

Blue and white is a classic combination and I believe it is very well suited to Queensland homes with our bright sunlight and warm climate. Indeed, a crisp white interior with contrasting blue elements is an almost ‘fail-safe’ way to decorate. But it can also easily become cliched, so let’s go back to some original sources for some inspiration.

The Mediterranean

Reference the Greek islands like Santorini, and you will be planning cool white walls offset with bold blue elements like shutters, glazed feature tiles and swimming pools. Think bold, chunky elements and textured surfaces. Metallic accents would not look out of place.

Blue and White porcelain

If you aspire to a traditional look, take inspiration from blue and white porcelain. Thought to originate in China in the 14th Century, white porcelain painted with cobalt blue pigment has never gone out of fashion. The Chinese knew how to compose patterns and scenes on the white porcelain for a perfect harmony of form and decoration, most famously in porcelain from the Ming period.

Ming Porcelain Yongle Reign
Ming Porcelain Yongle Reign. Source: wikimedia commons

Be careful to choose shades from the same warm or cool palette and you will be able to mix patterns with abandon. You may want to stick to one theme (eg chinoiserie, geometric, dutch delft) though, to tie things together.

Contemporary Art

Reversing the scheme – blue predominating and white used as a highlight – will make a strong, contemporary statement. Just as blue denim or navy suiting fabric pull things together in smart casual wardrobes, they can bring distinction to contemporary homes. Take inspiration from the boldness of monochrome paintings by Yves Klein or classic sportswear by Ralph Lauren . If the walls are painted blue it will be very immersive, so do extensive sampling to ensure you are happy. One of the best ways to use solid blocks of blue is for kitchen cabinetry. Bathrooms too can look spectacular with glossy blue tiling contrasting with the inevitable white bath or vanity.

I hope this has given you some inspiration to start exploring this classic colour combination and if you do need more advice, please get in touch!

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